MAXimum Force Gymnastic Club

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!


"Maxine is an amazing coach - she deserves the best for all her hard work and commitment she puts in to her job as a coach. Maxine has helped me so much to gain in self confidence and being a good gymnast throughout the years - I owe it up to her."

Happy Gymnast

"Because of the optimistic approach to coaching provided at MAXimum Force GC my daughter has been educated to recognise her own potential and her responsibilities not only to herself but to others around her.

I feel fortunate that my daughter is being coached by Maxine, as she has encouraged a love for gymnastics in my daughter. She looks forwards to every practise and as a parent you can see the positive effect a compassionate coach has on your child and this reflects in mine."

Nicki Hewitson

"Thanks for the amazing Birthday Party Maxine. Yourself and your staff are EXCELLENT at what you do, I cant thank you enough for making it so special - Will loved his 5th birthday party, and it was the subject in the school playground for many days after. See you again next year!

Kylie Keens

"I've known Maxine for over 7 years now both on a personal and professional level, and it has been an utter privilege to see her flourish - something I always knew she could do. As a coach Maxine can be seen to strive her gymnasts to be the best they can be, and enables all of them to reach their full potential. Maxine is able to form a great relationship will all that comes in contact with her, and can been seen to provide so much love and fun into all her sessions. Maxine is and always has been a fantastic role model".

Katie Elizabeth

"The coaching staff at MFGC are next to none. Both my children are having a wonderful time and very much enjoying learning under the care of the staff, and have made so many friends within the club. Its a delight seeing my children come home happy and wanting to show their "daddy" everything they have been learning. I very much like also that I can see the progress of my children through the termly badges/certificates and the open "parent watch session". May I also add as a parent I love hearing my children tell me how much they want to work hard, improve and behave in order to win "Max" our club mascot. Looking for a class, look no further, MFGC is the place to be!"

Sarah Jones

"We had such a lovely 5th Birthday Party - Thank you so much Maxine!!! You took the stress out of it and my daughters class mates had a lovely time. Thank you and to your coaching team for making it so special!"

Melissa Thompson

"Maxine is a BRILLIANT Coach! She was my daughters coach at a previous club and was always so supportive, encouraging, positive, fun and loving! My daughter missed Maxine so much when she had left and set up her own club MAXimum Force GC, that she my daughter ended up joining Maxine's new club as soon as she was able to and began to take on a coaching role".

Annie Notman

"Absolutely brilliant, my daughter loves it so much and cant wait to start doing competitions!! Lovely enthusiastic and friendly staff. Couldn't ask for a better club and FAMILY!"

Vicki Houston

"What a great little club, only been running a few weeks but my little boy is loving every minute of it. Fantastic friendly coaches, great learning environment, age appropriate structured sessions, and good learning content. Best thing of all is seeing a smile on my sons face and that is all owed to his coaches - worth every penny. Would highly recommend to anyone!

Sally Lowe

"Maxine is a very talented coach with huge enthusiasm for and knowledge of gymnastics. Maxine is able to bond very quickly with her gymnasts - all of whom are very fond of her, and  respond very quickly to her tuition."

Andy King

"Maxine Rivers was one of my coaches, during her 3 years at Champion Aerobic GC. I can honestly say that I owe her a lot - this is down to her support, good coaching and ability to help and to listen to me.. Without her coaching, encouragement and support I wouldn't have achieved what I have so far in my career as a National Gymnast. Her coaching styles and techniques make sometimes the hardest of skills easy to understand. Her vibrant and calm personality and happy nature make even some of the hardest lessons worth going too. Without a doubt I would recommend Maxine to coach anyone as I know she will be able to pass on great knowledge and fun to her sessions to her own gymnasts. Lastly I would like to wish Maxine the best of luck, with the club and to tell her I miss her very much."


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