MAXimum Force Gymnastic Club

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Aerobic Gymnastics

Aerobic gymnastics is the most energetic of all the types of gymnastic disciplines. If you like the idea of high-energy performances, you'll feel right at home with aerobic gymnastics.


Routines  and Competition -

Routines can be performed either individually or in groups,  and they can be used as a great way to improve your fitness by yourself or within a team. Within Aerobic Gymnastics there are five different categories in which gymnasts are able to compete in at competitions:

  1. Individual Women 
  2. Individual Men
  3.  Pair/Mixed Pair
  4. Trio
  5. Five Team

Choreography -

The choreography content of a routine is made up of seven basic aerobic steps:

Jog, March, Jumping Jack, Lunge, Knee Lift, Flick Kick and High Kick

Each gymnast is required to travel around the aerobic floor area using the above mentioned basic steps, and perform them in different variations in different direction movement patterns. To form a routine the basic steps will be combined with arm patterns and transitions  which help to show and demonstrate variation between different levels from low to high. Transitions  are typically used to link choreography and difficulty elements together. 

Difficulty elements -

Difficulty skills are arranged into four different difficulty element groups these are:

Group A – Dynamic Strength
Group B – Static Strength  
Group C – Jumps and Leaps
Group D – Flexibility and Balance

Above is a video constructed by MeloGym. - This video features  Mixed Pairs and Group routine warm up and practise performances, ahead of the Aerobic Gymnastic 1st European Games 2015 held in Baku earlier this year.